Contact Information

This site is set up as a project by the following students attending Walden University.

In order to contact any of the contributors to this wiki site, use ude.unedlaw|emantsal.emantsrif#ude.unedlaw|emantsal.emantsrif.

Group #5

1. Angie Clarke

2. Christine Guenette

I can be reached at 518-951-8310 and I live in the Eastern Time Zone. I am available anytime except Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 3:00PM.
My Email address is: ude.unedlaw|etteneug.enitsirhc#ude.unedlaw|etteneug.enitsirhc.

3. Katharine Lint

My contact information is:Phone: 269-930-5621 and I live in the Eastern time zone. I teach full time, so I am not available between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Email: ten.tsacmoc|tnileitak#ten.tsacmoc|tnileitak or ude.unedlaw|tnil.enirahtak#ude.unedlaw|tnil.enirahtak

4. Kelli McDonald

5. Tonya Nichols

My contact information is ude.unedlaw|slohcin.aynot#ude.unedlaw|slohcin.aynot or su.ko.21k.elyoc|slohcint#su.ko.21k.elyoc|slohcint. I do not answer my phone during the day but I am available most evenings to talk or text at 405-250-1165.

6. Kathryn Pleffner