A-B-C Chart for Assessing Behavior

The A-B-C chart is a tool used to collect information and annotate events that are occurring while observing a child in the environment that the unfavorable behavior is happening. The A refers to the antecedent or activity that happens right before the problem behavior occurs. The B refers to the problem behavior that is observed and the C refers to the consequence that follows the behavior. On the A-B-C chart, there should be columns for date and time, as well as possible function of the behavior. The A-B-C chart should be used on several occasions in order to find a pattern of behavior.

Simple Example:

Date Time Antecedent Behavior Consequence Possible Function
2/7/99 9:40am Teacher announces yells "I hate students laugh attention, escape
it is time for math math"! class disrupted or delay assignment
sent to sit in

Example of blank A-B-C chart can be found online at:

Example of completed A-B-C chart can be found online at: